In collaboration with visual artist Adam Vačkář


A “taxon” is a designation for a group of specific organisms that have common specifications. A new taxon evaluates whether or not it is an advantage to learn to live with a new body or to get rid of it. Its mutating body, which is just learning to walk, does not know its possibilities. We follow the process of transformation, as if the body transforms like an open source code. The new creature is locked within the limits of its development and slowly subdues the prostheses that “nature” has given it. For now, it can only touch the verticality

Taxon was originally done for exhibition Movere in GAMU Gallery in 2016 and few years later developed again for various locations and with more performers, named as series Taxon One, Taxon Two, Taxon Three…etc


Creation: Tereza Lenerová and Adam Vačkář

Performance: Eva Rézová, Jazmina Piktorová, Katy Jabůrková, Tereza Lenerová
Costumes: Overall Office
Music: Petr Tichý

Photo: Michal Hančovský, Adam Vačkář

Taxon One

Performance series of Taxon in collaboration with artist Adam Vačkář for TANEC PRAHA festival 2020, Plíce Žižkova and Landscape festival

Taxon Two

Performance series on Taxon in collaboration with Adam Vačkář for gallery Polansky in Prague

Taxon Three

Performance for TANEC PRAHA festival 2020 in collaboration with artist Adam Vačkář

Taxon four

Performance for Theatrum Kuks festival 2022, photo Marek Malůšek