created together with Einat Ganz

Premiere 15.10.2009 at 4+4 Days In Motion festival, chosen to Aerowaves Springforward 2011, DancEUnion London, Off Europa Leipzig, TANEC PRAHA in regions festival 2011, Malá Inventura festival

‘Variable’ is the outcome of communication through distance and cultural gap. Two women physically share a space, whilst their point of view is different. ‘Variable’ is an attempt to shape a piece of joined memory, in an ever changing reality.  It is an evolution of inter-personal communication, through struggle between two perceptions. Every time one seems to lead, the other one will find a way to change the scene to her advantage.  And so, experience creates memory, and memory changes experience.


Choreography and performance: Einat Ganz and Tereza Lenerova

Music: Ben Buchenbacher, Neu! and Brian Eno

Costumes: Inbal Lieblich

Light Design: Tomas Marny Moravek/ Omer Shiezaf



“Variable captures you also by its sophisticated, rich choreography supported by the costumes and light design. Some of the ideas really hit you: the use of two languages to underscore the tension between the characters, the ‘film-like’ movements, the water imitation by the light, Tereza riding on Einat’s back (…) The feeling of authenticity and unpretentiousness sensed by the audience, would alone make Proměnná (Variable) worth seeing. It leads you to ask for more performances like this.” (Marta Harasimowicz, Nový prostor, march 2010)


“… The absolute highlight of the evening, was Tereza Lenerova and Einat Ganz’s Variable. Two female dancers evoked a sheer joy and abandon in each other, and in their shared sexuality and strength. Here pauses and stutters were used to great effect, bringing out the humor of the partners’ rivalry and connection. One woman’s defiant foot held briefly on the disgusted face of the other neatly epitomised the sly wit of the piece – whilst some perfectly executed floor work backed up the style with substance. It was an excerpt about changing power dynamics, about positive and negative movement and emotion, and it was utterly captivating from start to finish.” (Bellyflop Magazine, review by Ray Filar,16 march 2011).


“I loved these two. Homemade costumes, great hair and great, nuanced performing. They bustle and shove, eye each other suspiciously, open their faces to our scrutinising and altogether point towards the tensions, fragility and baggage of the performance context. An amazing silent-filmesque section, vigorously executed, sticks in the mind”.(Bellyflop Magazine, review by Charlie Ashwell 16 March 2011).


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