Choreography by Fabrice Ramalingom

A franco-czech collaborative project created 23 – 24 February 2011, Studio Alta, Prague.

Choreography : Fabrice Ramalingom
Dancers : Eliska Kasparová, Palo Krsiak, Tereza Lenerová, Honza Malík, Lea Svejdová
Projects assistant : Zdenka Brungot Svitekova
Music : Jan Kalivoda
Lighting : Michael Vodenka
Costumes : Katerina Stefkova
Production : R.A.M.a / Nanohach company

With the aid of: City of Prague, Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic, Association Alt@rt, the French Institute of Prague and the Duncan Center Prague.


Brut is a dance work. Brut does not have a narrative theme.
Brut is an exposure of raw materials allowing outcries of tension and emotion.
Brut is an exploration of the animal that surges through a movement, a gust, a grimace.
Brut it is a collision of bodies. A mass, a tribe, a pack.
Brut is a scream of flesh and bones, gestures and movements thrown or spat out.
Alive. Brut.