Glove Concern / Rukavičkářské závody

Premiere 27.11.2023

The skin is the embodiment of a thin line separates the inner from the outer world. A sensory organ with which we perceive the surrounding world, a rare material. The surface of the body can also reflect what’s inside. Our skin is hypersensitive, as is society as a whole – exposed and scared. What does it say about us and what is its value? It can no longer protect us in the world we have created, so we prefer to go through it “with gloves on”.

Since time immemorial we have been killing animals to wear their skins on our own. To warm us, protect us, beautify us. We take upon ourselves the responsibility for prioritizing the utility of the surface over the preservation of life within. Over time, the leathermaking craft is dying out. Not because we don’t want to continue wearing flexible and tough leather, but because people have been replaced by machines. We don’t want to have anything to do with death anymore.

In Glove Concern, human and animal are in an embrace. Which of them is an endangered species and what is actually dying out here? Put yourself in the skin of someone or something else for a moment.


Concept: Tereza Lenerová
Choreography: Tereza Lenerová
Created and performed by: Andrea Miltnerová, Jitka Čechová
Dramaturgy: Maja Hriešik
Music: Floex
Light design: Jan Hugo Hejzlar
Costumes: Radka Vyplašilová
Production: tactic
Executive producers: Alena Cardová, Romana Packová
Graphics: Matěj Sumec
Photography: Adéla Vosičková, Vojtěch Brtnický
Thanks: Yvona Kreuzmannová, Marketa Perroud, Markéta Bártu, Ema Šlechtová, Kristýna Šimsová, Valerie Hrubešová, Ivana Lenerová and Sláva Lener, Filip Polanský


Supported by: Ministerstva kultury České republiky, Hlavního města Prahy, Státního fondu kultury, Micro and Macro Dramaturgies in Dance Ponec –supported by programm EU Kreativní Evropa, Studia Truhlárna a Švestkova dvora

The project was implemented with the financial participation of the EU through the National Recovery Plan and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.




Inspiration and starting point of the performance